From Casual Contact to Paying Customer is an Epic Journey

Mojified lets you take contacts by the hand and lead them safely home.

We've Been There.

Expensive marketing programs yield high-level contacts but relatively few prospects. And talking features and benefits to contacts is a waste of time. Most are months or years away from being ready.

The Great Marketing Challenge

You paid a fortune to get contacts into your list. But spamming them with product information that they are just not ready for will cause them to opt out.

So what’s the answer?

Mojified, a Genuine Contact Nurturing Platform

Mojfied enables you to build brand equity with contacts long before they’re ready for a sales discussion. Here’s how Mojified works:
  • You quickly setup a free, Mojified trial site.
  • Curate content that supports your brand story from any of millions of sources.
  • Link to your social platforms.
  • Upload your contact list.
  • Map categories of content to targeted lists.
  • Hit the Go button.

Branding Instead of Spamming

Instead of spamming your contacts with product information, you’ll be delivering content they'll love that supports your brand story. As your contacts get nearer to a buying decision, your brand will be top of mind.

What's the Process?

Build a Mojified Site in Minutes

Setting up a Mojified site couldn’t be easier. Pick a style. Input your company colors. Upload your logo. Connect to your social sites. Upload your email list. And you’re ready to go.

Curate Content

Utilizing Mojified’s rapid-fire curation tools, you can choose content from YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, news sites, media outlets, and millions of blogs. You’ll also have access to Mojified’s ever expanding content marketplace, which has loads of timely articles by thought leaders across disciplines.

Map Content to Newsletters

Mojified let’s you organize content by menu categories. You can then map one or more categories to focused email lists. You can also sort content for specific lists based on content tags. Schedule the newsletter, and recipients will get it each week on the day and time you specify.

Track Metrics

Mojified lets you monitor traffic from social sites, email, and the web, all in an easy-to-understand dashboard. You’ll get real-time insights into which user personas really are the best targets, and you’ll find out in a hurry what types of content light them up.