Mojified has an amazing affiliate program that anyone can join.

Mojified’s business model is simple. We make money on service subscriptions and a small percentage on content subscriptions.

Built-in “Viral”

Mojified, by its very nature, is viral—because our service and content offerings are unique, powerful, and disruptive, people who visit a Mojified site often want one of their own.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

In essence, our customers do our marketing for us, and for that, we believe they should be rewarded, which we do through our Affiliate program.

How It Works

After you create a Professional account and begin driving traffic to your Mojified site, any visitor to your site who chooses to create a Professional-level Mojified account gets automatically added to your Affiliate Group. You get paid a percentage of the monthly subscription fees of everyone in your Group.

Four-Level Payout

Here’s the really amazing part: Affiliates get paid on four levels of Professional account subscriptions in their Affiliate Group at the following rates:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

There is no set time limit on affiliate payouts. So as long as one of your Affiliate Group members continues to subscribe to Mojified, you’ll continue to get paid.

You can begin by creating a Free account and then upgrading later to a Professional account. Or you can jump right in and begin with a Professional account.

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