If “Content is King,” then why aren't you getting rich?

Mojified changes the game for content professionals by creating an open marketplace for your work.

Content creators are falling prey to a combination of market conditions and technological issues that are dramatically discounting the value of their work.
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Become a syndicated blogger on hundreds of Mojified media outlets.

The Mojified Content Marketplace services thousands of businesses that operate Mojified media outlets. Content creators post their work on the marketplace, where it’s indexed and searchable by Mojfied site owners. Businesses subscribe to blogs and vlogs on a monthly basis, hosting it on their media outlets, systematically feeding it out into the social cloud, and using it to generate site traffic and leads.

Income Opportunity

Content Creators are paid a set amount for each article or video. With the potential of hundreds (or even thousands) of subscribers to each piece of content on a monthly basis, good content creators can generate significant income. Content Creators can monitor their accounts on Mojified and are paid at the end of each month.

Content Genres

Most Mojified site owners are interested in top-funnel content on a range of general-interest topics, such as lifestyle, health and fitness, home décor, travel, etc. But almost any type of quality content may be relevant to Mojified site operators


Mojified does not require exclusive rights to your content. In other words, even if your content is published on your own blog site, you can still upload it to the Marketplace. This means that your library of evergreen content can be used to generate additional revenue on Mojified.


Becoming a certified Mojified Content Creator requires an approval process. In most cases, professional bloggers can just submit a link to one of their blogs for review.

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