About Us

Mojified was born in a BBQ joint—one friend explaining a business problem to another friend, who happened to be a career content-marketer. A wisp of an idea from that first discussion evolved into a unique business platform that allows marketing teams to systematically transform top-funnel contacts into bottom-funnel prospects.

The Mojified model is founded on a radical idea—that early relationship building is better done with third-party content than in-house content—and involves a second website (a media site) to work in tandem with an enterprise’s product site.

A Mojified media site can be spun up in minutes and is built on a powerful technology stack, a collection of tools that enable everything from rapid-fire content-curation to on-demand access to burgeoning marketplace of professionally created content from thought leaders across disciplines.

Mojified enables the targeted delivery of content to well defined social groups and email lists, all with the intent of building brand equity with contacts long before they’re ready for a sales pitch.

Mojified’s four founding members have a combined 80 years of experience developing business software and cloud-based business solutions.