Why Enterprises Are Moving to a Two-Website Model
Savvy enterprises are moving from a single website to a two site model, the second one being a media outlet designed to build brand equity and loyalty among future generations of customers.
Leonard DuCharme (contrib. Web Heretics).
Content Marketing with Mojified
Mojified revolutionizes content marketing by enabling any organization, regardless of resources, to cultivate customer and contact relationships via systematic communications that add value, and, in the process, build brand equity and brand loyalty. mojified.
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The Future of Content Distribution: Boutique Media Outlets
YouTube and other video platforms are wreaking havoc on mainstream media outlets. But another wave of innovation is coming--boutique media outlets by the millions.
Leonard DuCharme (contrib. Web Heretics).
Innovation Management and Governance Application
This is about low code.
LowCode Lucas (contrib. Web Heretics).
Rulkens: "Stop fixing and move to massive innovation"
According to Paul Rulkens, 97 percent of us follow industry orthodoxies, despite the fact that they’re often obsolete. The 3 percent who “think out of the box” become the captains of industry.
Leonard DuCharme (contrib. Web Heretics).
Brave is a blockchain-based browser that could expand your world view.
George Gilder sees the "Googleplex" being replaced by the "cryptoverse." One example of revolutionary new blockchain technologies is the Brave Browser, by JavaScript creator Brendan Eich.
Leonard DuCharme (contrib. Web Heretics).
The Great Life's Lesson of Kramerica Industries
In an iconic Seinfeld episode, Kramer sets out to change the world. Of course, he fails to enact real change. But the question is why?
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How Much Is Friendship Worth? Gary Vee Says a Lot
Gary Vaynerchuk (AKA, Gary Vee) says community is more important than money. But what's his reason?
Leonard DuCharme (contrib. Web Heretics).
Republishing 3rd-Party Content: The Key to Adding Value to Social Communities
Gary Vaynerchuck says the key to building a following is to "Bring value. Don't extract it." Find out the three main ways you can bring huge value to your social networks and reap the financial benefits.
Leonard DuCharme (contrib. Web Heretics).
What Causes Things to “Go Viral”: The Untimely Demise of Jeff Goldblum
There are six reasons why people share information, and all are important to creating viral posts online. The most important is a concept called "social capital."
Leonard DuCharme (contrib. Web Heretics).
Godin's "Remarkable" is Pulizzi's "Tilt"
Thought leaders from different disciplines are singing in concert when it comes to success in social media. What Godin calls "remarkable" Pulizzi calls "tilt."
Leonard DuCharme (contrib. Web Heretics).
How to Create Hybrid YouTube Content
When it comes to hybrid content, YouTube is probably the best source for third-party video content. In this article, you'll learn how to create a hybrid article consisting of a YouTube video in combination with an article about the video.
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