Influencer Marketing: the $68M secret you don’t know
Pura Vida Bracelets reported $68.3 Million in revenue for 2018 leading to an incredible acquisition by Vera Bradley — and they credit a lot of that success to influencer marketing.
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Pinterest launches Pinterest Shop for small businesses that make and sell products - Marketing Land
The new feature launched with 17 small businesses.
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The Social Media Championship Bracket
What's the best brand on social media?.
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20 predictions from industry experts for your 2020 video content strategy - Wibbitz
Is your video content strategy prepared for the rising trends? Here are 19 video trends fueling the marketing landscape for 2020.
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‎Louder Online Podcast: When Content Backfires: How to Handle Negative Feedback Online - #3 on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Louder Online Podcast, Ep When Content Backfires: How to Handle Negative Feedback Online - #3 - 9 Feb 2020.
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The Basics of Content Marketing for Manufacturers
What types of content marketing are used today? Learn the basics of content marketing, the channels they live on, and how they engage with more customers.
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Google’s BERT Update: Embracing Customer-Centric Conversational Marketing
The search algorithm update BERT helps Google better understand natural language for search results.
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From Consistent Publishing to Performance Peaks: What You Need to Know About the Life Span of Content
There are many misconceptions about the life span of content. Despite what you've heard, content calls for consistent publishing and a long-term strategy.
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Brand Storytelling Gets a Rose from The Bachelor [And 2 More TV Partnership Examples]
Learn how three brands are telling their stories on TV shows like The Bachelor and Who Do You Think You Are? – Content Marketing Institute.
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Stop Wasting Time: Review Your Website Analytics
Are you busy? Then you should make time to check your web analytics – site navigation, conversions, social icons, and videos – Content Marketing Institute.
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Must-Have Checklist to Creating Valuable Content
Get all the details straight and put everybody working on the same page with this Creating Valuable Content™ checklist – Content Marketing Institute.
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[New Research] How has Blogging Changed? 5 Years of Blogging Statistics, Data and Trends | Orbit Media Studios
We’ve asked 1000 bloggers to tell us how they do it. How long is a typical blog post? What does it include? How is it promoted? Here is the complete report of blogging statistics, trends and insights, showing what bloggers are doing and what works now.
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Permission Marketing
Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.
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What’s a Good Bounce Rate? We Asked 500+ Analytics Accounts. Here's the Average Bounce Rate for Websites. | Orbit Media Studios
What’s a good Bounce Rate? In this study we reveal website bounce rate benchmarks by industry and traffic source. Plus tips on how to improve or lower your bounce rates.
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Under Pressure? Don’t Worry, Stop Overthinking [The Weekly Wrap]
Robert Rose ruminates on overthinking, talks content marketing in brand activism, and shares help to fix pipeline inefficiencies – Content Marketing Institute.
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The Right and Wrong Ways to Use Vanity Metrics
Learn how to use vanity metrics the right way and when they shouldn’t be used – Content Marketing Institute.
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Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon Crush It
Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black cover the classic rock ballad "More than Words."
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The Final Test for a Real-Life Shaolin Master
This eight-minute BBC film chronicles the final test of a real-life Shaolin monk. While it's not quite like the test Caine takes in the TV show "Kung Fu," it's actually way more amazing and intense.
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Iron Man is Alive and Living Among Us
Frenchman flies a hover board across the English channel.
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Who Sung It?
Who sung the lyric "why am I soft in the middle when the rest of my life is so hard?"
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The Crazed and the Courageous
A huge tiger shark swims between people wading and the beach. Based on their response, are they crazy or courageous?
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Syncing Shutter Speed with Chopper Blades
This is crazy--the shutter speed of a camera synced with chopper blades.
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