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If every decision made ultimately benefits the end user, you’re developing a customer experience that pays dividends down the line.

The age of “there’s an app for that” may have come and gone, but the power of the app continues to live on. Nothing is a better conduit for directing users to exactly what they want than apps are, and yet people are less willing to download apps than ever.

Two-thirds of smartphone users don’t download any new apps during the average month — how are brands supposed to reach them as effectively as they could before?

As powerful as apps can be, they can be imitated pretty well too. By taking some of the most consequential parts of the app and deploying them across your brand’s digital presence, you can fine-tune the customer experience without demanding an app download along the way.

The elegance of the app no longer needs to be hidden behind the wall of the app store. Here’s how you can harness it for your brand:

Ultimately, apps just work better than websites. They’re cleaner, more legible, and offer a greater number of opportunities for intuitive design than websites do.

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