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The 2020 pandemic is redefining the way teams communicate and work.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced millions of employees to work from home, with no immediate end in sight. Our world has gone from digitizing the relationship between firm and customer to digitizing the relationship between employer and employee.

During these unprecedented times, medical masks, home office spaces and social distancing procedures have become our new way of normal. Remote work has drastically changed the way employees interact with their team and managers. This shift has left organizations in a search of new ways to keep their workers connected, satisfied and inspired during the pandemic.

Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, employee engagement matters!

Here are 7 effective ways organizations can keep their employees engaged during 2020.

1. Promote Employee Wellbeing

It is extremely difficult for employees to feel motivated when they’re feeling overwhelmed, physically sick or mentally drained. . . .

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