Demand Gen for Content Marketing in the Next Decade [New Research]

By  (contrib. Mojified Media)
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Demand gen goals once involved creating content for search and satisfying prospects’ information needs.

We can agree 2020 was disruptive, weird, and put us all into new territory regarding our demand generation strategies. If we thought digital marketing was changing fast as 2019 ushered in the ’20s, well, 2020 said, “Hold my beer.”

We not only have experienced increased pressure to create trustworthy, differentiated content but to boost top-of-funnel demand for our products and services. For many businesses, there’s been an exponential increase in the need to be more digital, develop more direct relationships with customers, and do it all from the confines of remote work.

Evolving the evolution

The goals leading up to 2020 were to create content that could be found through search and to satisfy the information needs of prospective customers. Well, guess what? That’s no longer enough. In 2021, we must inspire all new questions and desires and serve the best next experiences to satisfy them.Personal and perhaps personalized (yes, they are different) digital experiences are now critical. . . .

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