Get Your Content Governance in Order With This 1 Thing

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Learn why every organization needs a content marketing editorial board and how to create one that works – Content Marketing Institute.

It’s time to get your content marketing governance in order.

Now, you might see the word “governance” and think, “We don’t need governance. That’s too big for us. We’re only a handful of people.” Or you might think, “that’s above my pay grade.” You may be right. Many of the changes and authority required to install a good content marketing governance plan may be out of your control.

But that doesn’t permit you to forego any kind of order. Let’s talk about the first, manageable step – creating an editorial board.Editorial board structure

While the executive leadership team sets the content team’s responsibilities and establishes budgets and governance models, the editorial board is a cross-functional group assembled from the company’s major stakeholders and subject matter experts. The content marketing strategy leader facilitates the board.

This group focuses on the content marketing strategy – helping create an aligned creation approach, . . .

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