How HubSpot's Report-Based Acquisition Campaign Hit 150% of Our Lead Goal in 30 Days

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As part of the Made @ HubSpot series, we explore how HubSpot's Acquisition Team topped their lead goal in 30 days with a new report-based acquisition campaign.

This post is a part of Made @ HubSpot, an internal thought leadership series through which we extract lessons from experiments conducted by our very own HubSpotters.

Acquisition marketing campaigns are critical to bring in new customers and revenue. At HubSpot, we run these campaigns quarterly.

Despite the rapid cadence, every quarter we work to create new, remarkable ways of reaching, informing, and converting our audience.

Learn how to run more impactful, measurable marketing campaigns.

I wrote this post to share with you how we crafted our latest acquisition campaign to hit and exceed our acquisition targets.

Establishing the Campaign

The beginning of our Q1 2020 Acquisition Campaign started with a blinking cursor. As we brainstormed how to start our research, we had a few inputs to work with.

First, we knew our target audience consisted of marketing managers, as we were re-launching our Marketing Hub Enterprise product that month. . . .

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