How to Get Customer-Centric Content Right (and Wrong) [The Weekly Wrap]

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Why customer-centric content works for Chewy and Netflix, while IKEA needs to reread the instructions – Content Marketing Institute.

Content marketing should put the audience first, right?

This week, two brands showed that they understand that approach better than most. One sends personalized content surprises to customers; the other lets people put themselves at the heart of an interactive, relevant augmented reality. Unfortunately, one brand reminded us how often marketers get this wrong ­– by forgetting who it’s writing to (and even what it claimed to be writing about).

Surprise paintings delight Chewy customers

WHO: Chewy, online pet supplies company

WHAT: Every week, the company sends more than 1,000 free paintings of their pets to their customers. It keeps the selection process a close-held secret. Yes, customers can request one on social media – and some receive the paintings. But that’s not the only way. Some seem to be prompted by exchanges with customer service reps, as in this example: . . .

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