How to Get on Board With the Digital Transformation [+ Examples]

By  (contrib. Mojified Media)
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Learn what digital transformation is, how to create a digital transformation strategy, and discover businesses that have gone digital in a notable way.

Ten years ago, I couldn't have cared less if the new burger place downtown had a website. Now, I don't trust one that doesn't. If your business is online, you're a part of the digital transformation. But it's not enough these days to just "be online." Businesses that will thrive in 2021 that are operating online — and the COVID-19 pandemic has proved this. 

Consumer buying behavior has drastically changed — today, most consumers are purchasing products online, including almost 70% of millennials. In 2019, nearly two-thirds of businesses ( 64% ) had a website. If you don't have one, you could be falling behind your online competition. 

So, while it’s a great step to have a website and a Facebook page, there’s more to the transformation than just having an online presence — technology should be ever-present in all of your business operations. . . .

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