Twitter Slows Down Roll Out of Fleets Due to 'Performance and Stability' Concerns

By  (contrib. Mojified Media)
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Twitter is dialing back the roll-out of its new Fleets function due to system issues in handling the increased usage load.

If you haven't got the new Twitter Stori... sorry, 'Fleets' option as yet, you may have to wait a little longer - according to Twitter, it's delaying the expanded roll-out of Fleets just a little bit due to performance and stability concerns.Many users have reported experiencing significant lag in using Fleets, leading to a 'clunky' user experience.

That's likely why Twitter has taken so long to move to a full roll-out of the option. Twitter first started testing Fleets in Brazil back in March, before gradually expanding the option to more, smaller regions up till June. Then Fleets was seemingly shelved for several months. That was likely due to Twitter focusing its efforts on the US Election - but then, last week, Fleets were expanded to Japan, Twitter's second-biggest user market.

Then Twitter decided to go all-in, and it seems like it may have underestimated the sudden surge in usage, leading to these back-end issues. . . .


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