Why Rushing Your Writers Never Leads to Great Content

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These misunderstood and undervalued parts of the content writing process show why faster is rarely better – Content Marketing Institute.

OK. Blank screen.

No problem. I’ve already agreed with the editor what this article will be about, and I kinda know what it should say. All I need to do is translate those thoughts into words on the page.

Welcome to the first of the five stages of grief writing: Denial.

Writing always takes me longer than planned. The more creative or reflective the writing, the worse this time dilation becomes – and I know I’m not alone. Creativity doesn’t like to be measured with a stopwatch when it can be measured in ice ages.

Each time I start a new project, I convince myself this time will be different. It won’t.

Before this article is done, denial will be followed by anger, bargaining, and depression. Eventually, I’ll reach acceptance that this draft is as good as it’s going to get and email it to the editor. . . .

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