Flower powered: Bitcoin miner heats greenhouses in the Netherlands

By  (contrib. Fatstack)
flower-powered-bitcoin-miner-heats-gree main image
Flowers are a source of love, hope and now Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin (BTC) mining generates a lot of “waste” heat. As energy prices spiral out of control in Europe, miners have come up with creative ways of recycling the heat generated by solving valid Bitcoin blocks. 

Whereas a miner is drying wood from a local timber mill in Norway, across the North Sea in the Netherlands, a miner is heating greenhouses to grow produce and bloom “Bitcoin flowers.”

In a win-win partnership between a Dutch farmer and a Bitcoin miner, Bitcoin Bloem mines Bitcoin and cultivates flowers in greenhouses in the province of North Brabant, southeast of Rotterdam.

It works like this: Bitcoin Bloem mines BTC in the farmer’s greenhouses and pays the electricity bill; the farmer gets free heat to grow their crops. Consider the “Bitcoin flowers” that Bitcoin Bloem sells the cream in the coffee to the climate-friendly operation.

Bert de Groot, founder of Bitcoin Bloem, . . .