Stablecoin Issuance Surged Last Year — UST Saw the Largest 12-Month Increase – Altcoins Bitcoin News

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Statistics indicate that Terra's UST stablecoin issuance grew the most last year, jumping a whopping 5,431% in 2021.

Stablecoins have become prominent payment rails in the world of cryptocurrencies commanding $177 billion in fiat value today. The top ten stablecoins by market capitalization represent the largest share of the value in the fiat-pegged coin economy and many of these tokens grew exponentially last year. Terra’s UST stablecoin grew the most last year, jumping 5,431% in 2021.

A Deep Dive Into Stablecoin Growth During the Course of 2021

Stablecoins today represent 9.77% of the $1.8 trillion crypto-economy today which is $177 billion in USD value. While many digital assets surged in growth last year, stablecoins also saw their market valuations swell as issuance grew month after month.

Tether (USDT) is the top stablecoin, in terms of market capitalization with $78.3 billion. USDT alone represents 4.32% of the entire crypto economy’s $1.8 trillion and amid the $177 billion stablecoin economy, USDT towers over the pack by 44.24%. . . .