How to Create Hybrid YouTube Content

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When it comes to hybrid content, YouTube is probably the best source for third-party video content. In this article, you'll learn how to create a hybrid article consisting of a YouTube video in combination with an article about the video.

A hybrid content post consists of a video or article created by a third-party and which is hosted on a platform such as YouTube, Linkedin, etc. By embedding a third-party article or video in a post on your site and adding value via written commentary, you create a hybrid post—third-party content combined with your own original content. (See What Is “Hybrid Content”?)

The process for creating a hybrid post varies somewhat, depending on where the third-party content is hosted.

(For an example of what you’ll be learning to create in this article, see Godin Says Remarkable. Pulizzi Says Tilt.)

Creating a Hybrid Post Based on a YouTube Video

Without question, the best source for third-party content to include in your post is YouTube. Fortunately, it’s also the easiest platform to work with when creating hybrid content. The process is as follows:

1.      Click Blog > Add Content > Create New Post.

You’ll see the Mojified Blog Editor.

2.      Enter the title of your article, select “YouTube Video,” and then copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to embed and then past it into the URL field. (Note: Mojified does not require you to use an embed code when working with YouTube videos.) (The URL for a video is at the top of the screen and will look something like this:

3.      After pasting in the URL, click in the Summary field.

The thumbnail for the YouTube video will appear.

4.      Enter a summary of the article. (No more than 40 words)

The summary will appear below the Article’s title and picture on your Mojified site, as well as in social posts

5.      Enter tags for your article, inserting a comma after each tag.

The tags enable people to find your article on social sites. Between two and five tags is optimal.

6.      Paste your article into the bottom field (or type it into the field).

Note that the Mojified blog editor will retain styles from your word processor, such as heading styles, bold, italics, etc. Note also that you can embed pictures in the body of your article.

7.      Click the Save button. (at the very bottom of your screen).

Your article should now be visible at the top of your blog list.

     8.      Click the Add to Library button.

To see how it will appear to your site visitors, click on the title. To add the new article to one of your site categories, click on Library in your main menu bar and select a category.