5 Agile Marketing Values to Sharpen Your Content Process

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Avoid the haphazard and develop a method to your content creation process using the five values of Agile marketing – Content Marketing Institute.

I recently spent several hours of a Sunday afternoon making homemade pasta, a remarkably messy activity that gave me a deep appreciation for the complexities behind a simple strand of spaghetti.

I had no idea there are multiple kinds of flour to use in almost infinite combinations, depending on the type of pasta you’re after.

For many marketers, our relationship with content is much the same.

We happily employ the products of content marketing without really understanding the intricate dance that led to their creation. Even those of us responsible for a step or two in that process lack a comprehensive, end-to-end view of content creation.

In the early days, we could get away with a haphazard approach, but now that top-notch content has become table stakes, we must invest in the method of creation as well as its outputs and outcomes.You can’t be an oblivious eater of spaghetti any longer; it’s time to get your hands dirty by exploring and optimizing the process of content marketing. . . . 

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