7 More Ways to Curate Content Like a Pro [New Examples]

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Try these content curation tips and examples for an efficient way to fill your content calendar and add value for your audience – Content Marketing Institute.

While painters and sculptors create the art, museum curators select the pieces to include in an exhibit.

The best curators understand the museum’s mission and audience and choose stories to create an experience that will draw in and engage visitors. They decide which artists to highlight and how to present the information for their audiences to consume.

Curation is a powerful practice for content marketers, too. It can take many forms, from a simple display of resources to a well-detailed analysis piece. It can bring multiple benefits to your content marketing strategy, allowing you to:

  • Create more content with less effort
  • Help with SEO through internal and external linking
  • Become a go-to resource for your topic/industry

A few years ago, a friend of CMI, Heidi Cohen, offered this succinct definition of content curation from a content marketing perspective:

To meet your audience’s information needs, content curation is the assembly, selection, categorization, commentary, and presentation of the most relevant quality information. . . .