Disguises Are for Superheroes – Not Great Content [The Weekly Wrap]

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Content marketing examples opposite of clickbait, the search performance of marketing terms, and an overlooked content opportunity – Content Marketing Institute.

This week in content marketing, we’re talking about the opposite of clickbait, the solid growth in search volume for marketing terms, and a sweet (overlooked) content opportunity. 

Helpful launch code hides in plain sight

WHO: Business.com

WHAT: The dry, label headline Automated Email Sequence Examples hides a useful article. Marisa Sanfilippo’s piece distills comprehensive information into what could be mistaken for a simple examples post. Despite the less-than-inviting headline, it’s a great read with detailed advice for anyone interested in learning about or improving their automated email nurturing programs.

WHY IT MATTERS: Headlines matter. You’ll never know how well your content performs if the headline doesn’t reflect its value and attract readers. From a performance perspective, it’s worse than clickbait. While clickbait headlines overpromise – and the articles underdeliver – they do get traffic. (The problem is they also create distrust.) But an under-promising headline (or email subject line) usually leads to low content consumption from the start. . . .

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