Facebook Tests New Prompts to Encourage Users to Allow Data Tracking as IDFA Changes Loom

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Facebook is looking to provide more context on data tracking a means to negate the expected impacts of a coming change in iOS.

So which of the Seven Stages of Grief is this?

This week, Facebook has shared an update in its approach to Apple's coming IDFA changes, which are expected to have a significant impact on its data-tracking capability, and reduce the performance of its ad products. 

Apple is expected to release its IDFA update very soon, which will add new, in-app prompts that alert users to the data being tracked by each app they use. Users will then have the option to switch off data tracking, if they choose.

Facebook, which analysts predict will be among the most heavily impacted by users switching off such tracking, has strongly opposed the update, launching a public campaign, including full-page newspaper ads, to criticize Apple's decision.


But with Apple moving forward with its IDFA plans anyway, Facebook is now resigned to the fact that the prompts will be shown in its apps. And as it looks to lessen the impacts . . . .