Fine-Tune Your Reach and Frequency for Modern Marketing [Video Series Debut]

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The new video and blog series – Marketing Makers – explores how foundational marketing concepts apply to content marketing – Content Marketing Institute.

And they’re consistent. They change, but they never stop.

In marketing, we try to create big, loud waves that as many people as possible will notice. But we also want those waves to have the right kind of impact on the people we’re trying to reach. And, of course, we must be able to afford to reach those people and show the value of the impact we’ve made.

To make the business case for doing that with content marketing (or to continue to do that with an existing program), it helps to reframe and update some classic marketing and advertising concepts for the search-driven online world we work in. The two addressed today are reach and frequency (with a brief introduction to the four Ps).

If you’ve never heard these terms (or wondered how they apply to content marketing), you’re not alone. People enter content marketing from many directions –classic marketing, sure, but also journalism, business development, product development, and plenty of other fields. . . .

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