How to Create a Social Media Calendar: A Template for Marketers : Social Media Examiner

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Discover how to set up a content calendar to plan, organize, and publish your social media content.

Do you want an easier way to plan, organize, and publish your social media content? Looking for a solution that doesn’t cost a lot of money?

In this article, you’ll discover how to set up an effective social media content calendar to plan and manage your posts. You’ll also get suggestions for great tools to help you create and manage that content.

#1: Set Monthly Short-Term Goals to Reach Long-Term Goals

It’s important to set an end goal for every piece of content you share on social media so you can track what’s working, which types of content drive your bottom line, and which changes to make based on campaign performance.

For most social media marketers, goals fall into the categories of generating more leads and sales. If you work backward from your long-term goals, you can create short-term goals that will help you achieve them. . . .