How To Make a Vlog [Step by Step]

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Looking for a sign it's time to start a vlog channel? This is it. Learn how to start a vlog and discover tips to reach your target audience.

I will argue with alarming confidence (and no actual data) that 90’s kids were the original vloggers.

When I was about 14 years old, someone handed me a digital camera that I spent hours talking to. I would take my audience (AKA me) on my teen adventures and say things like, "Hey guys, it’s Martina. Today, my cousin and I are going over to her friend’s house." Exciting stuff. Thankfully, that footage never saw the light of day.


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When YouTube first launched, people like me finally had a platform to share stories, entertain, and educate. But then, vlogging evolved into what we know it as today: a sustainable income source for influencers and an effective content marketing tool for brands.

So, how do you start vlogging? We’ll cover that and more here. . . .

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