Instagram's Developing a TikTok-Style Vertical Feed for Stories

By  (contrib. Mojified Media)
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Instagram is looking at another way to replicate the UI of TikTok, this time within Instagram Stories.

It's amazing to consider the impact that TikTok has had on the broader social media landscape.

Already, we've seen several platforms looking to add TikTok-style feeds of short video clips into their offerings, as they seek to tap into the rising popularity of the app, and now, Instagram has confirmed that it's internally testing another TikTok copycat functionality, this time within Instagram Stories.

As you can see in this tweet from app research Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on a new vertical Stories feed, which would mean that you swipe up or down to view newer/older Stories.

Which is practically the same UI as TikTok - and with more and more users becoming accustomed to the TikTok feed, that probably makes sense.

But again, the impact of TikTok on social product development is pretty amazing to consider.


But Stories in itself is pretty popular, right? Instagram Stories is still being used by some . . . .