Why HubSpot is Acquiring The Hustle

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The battle for customer attention has never been so fierce. Learn why HubSpot made the decision to acquire The Hustle.

The battle for customer attention has never been so fierce.

We've seen an explosion in brands using online channels to promote their services and products to potential customers.

The problem with this model is that you're not only battling other competitors for that attention; you're competing against every site that publishes informative videos, the latest trends, and educational content that serves the needs of their audiences.

We've built HubSpot on the belief that you earn attention by being of value. That belief is at the very heart of HubSpot's success; creating remarkable content is what makes a remarkable brand. It's why we've invested in publishing blogs, courses, ebooks, templates, and videos that help generate millions of visits to HubSpot every month.

We can't stop there, though. Just as the product requirements of growing companies have changed over time, so have their content needs. Newsletters, podcasts, premium content, and other media have . . . .